1-14-19 Newsletter


2A NEWS                                                                                                           JANUARY 14, 2019



Dear Parents,


A few notes…



  • The book report is due Thursday, January 24th. I have asked the class to not turn it in until then. Students should be done with the reading portion of the book report and should now be focusing on the written part. This is a big project and it should demonstrate their very best work, including details and finishing touches.


  • Be looking for a purple half sheet coming home each day this week, which focuses on student behavior. All students will be bringing a sheet home each day. The goal is for all students to bring home an “I had a great day” form.


A peek at our week…


Reading– This week students will read a humorous fiction story titled Officer Buckle and Gloria and participate in a short readers theater titled Safety at Home while focusing on the target skill cause and effect.


Our poem this week is titled Martin Luther King, Jr.


Writing – As we prepare for the upcoming holiday, we will spend time focusing on a great man of peace, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We will read a handful of books learning about MLK’s life. With this information, we will then create a paragraph about Dr. King’s life.


Spelling– Compound words:  cannot, pancake, playground, classroom, someone, outside, sunshine, baseball, myself, birdhouse

Challenge – freedom, suburban


Religion– The students will write about their First Reconciliation experience. I will also be listening to students recite the Act of Contrition.  I will take volunteers first.


Math– This week our focus will be to review the values of each coin, solving word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies and using coins to make a dollar.


Social Studies– Students review what an urban, rural and suburban community is while creating a flipbook illustrating the differences.


Scholastic News– We will read A Hero in the Family, which focuses on Martin Luther King, Jr.



Monday         Math:           2-digit addition review sheet

Tuesday       Reading:       Work on your book report

Wednesday  Math:             MoneyHomework Pagesfrom lessons 2 & 3

Thursday       Reading:      Read aloud for 20 minutes


Have a wonderful week,


Karen Robel