Week 4 April 6-10

Click here for information on websites students are using:

Websites Information for Parents


FRIDAY the 10th

Click here for the Stations of the Cross:



THURSDAY the 9th

Click here for Holy Thursday Faith Family slide presentation:


Click here for Faith Family Prayer Service script:


Click here for the Holy Thursday video:


Click here for the Come Taste the Bread video:



Wednesday the 8th

Click here for the 3-Digit Addition Math Test:


Click here for Mr. Tanen’s Tie Trouble:


Click here for the Holy Rosary Parish website to view the Mass:



TUESDAY the 7th

Click here for the Holy Week video:


MONDAY the 6th

Click here for the Swim into Sums +8 activity:



Extra activities throughout the week….

***Use the folder of materials that were sent home a few weeks ago as extra practice and review of reading, writing and math skills.  Some days your child may work through the days lessons quicker than others and she/he may want or need a few more activities. This is a good time to take something out of the folder and ask your child to complete it. ***

***Read the Scholastic News “Escape to Freedom” in the Week One section of the packet in the manila envelope.  Optional:  Log onto https://sn2.scholastic.com to listen while you read, watch the video and play the game.*** 


***Go to the specialist’s webpages.  You can find them on the Holy Rosary Website under classrooms. Do one or more of the activities. 

 ***Go to:  Scholastic at Home to explore.  There are activities and books online that they may read and activities

***Go to Xtramath and Redbird